Putting the "Public" Back in "Public Trust"

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Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat
Bozeman, MT

Imagine this organization and site as a healthy stream, a necessary part of the biotic community at large - constantly moving, adapting, fluid - a collective (collaborative) resource.

EMWH is a place where the community members can participate as they want, no artifical restrictions or boundaries - dynamic, thinking outside the box.

EMWH is not just settling for preserving what remains of our wildlife & habitat, but envisioning the opportunities for Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat, which includes healthy private lands, for ourselves and future generations of Montanans!


Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat

  • EMWH advocates the Montana citizen's Constitutional Right of Participation and Right To Know, empowering the Montanan public with their tools of Public Process; as well as the oversight of stewardship agencies to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Collaboration - a union of diverse individuals, with equally diverse backgrounds - all Montanans (non-partisan conservationists, ethical hunters and anglers, farmers and ranchers, wildlife advocates, wildlife biologists, scientists, business owners, landowners, Native Americans) united by a goal of enhancing Montana's wildlife and habitat.
  • Advocating the responsible science based management/stewardship and respect for our wildlife, the habitat, and healthy private lands - a holistic approach to Montana.
  • Advocating for the Public Trust Doctrine which establishes the management of land, wildlife, fish and waterways for the benefit of the public and future generations.
  • Advocating for ethical, fair chase hunting as a tool of conservation and a right of the Public Trust Doctine - the keystone component of the North American Model and Wildlife Conservation.

Western Association Of Fish And Wildlife Agencies Resolution - The Public Trust Doctrine
In Fish and Wildlife Conservation

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation - Technical Review 2012

The Public Trust Doctrine - Implications For Wildlife Management and Conservation in the United States and Canada, Technical review 2010


EMWH, while founded by Kathryn QannaYahu, was the result of brainstorming with respected ethical hunter conservationists and wildlife advocates, who saw a need for boldly tackling issues, presenting the science, economics, & facts; a collaborative process that would benefit, while removing and mitigating some of the obstacles that wildlife and habitat face.

Kathryn is a member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers; Public Lands/Water Access Association (PLWA) and Great Old Broads For Wilderness.

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