Big Timber Canyon Road - East Side Crazy Mountains
photo by Kathryn QannaYahu

The Crazy Mountains in Montana have been a public access hotbed, beginning in 1940. As then Forest Service Supervisor G. E. Martin writes detailing the variety of uses documented in the historic Crazy Mountains, including mining, timber, grazing, trappers, hunters and recreation, "At no time was travel over the roads and trails restricted until October 1940 when Van Cleve locked the gate during the hunting season. In 1941 this was done again. In 1942 the gate was again locked before the opening of the hunting season and was still locked on April 24, 1943."

I requested a FOIA from the Custer Gallatin National Forest for documents relating to the public access situations in the East Side of the Crazy Mountains in the fall of 2016, as well as a current one for the transfer situation of Alex Sienkiewicz, the former Yellowstone Ranger District involving documents from the Montana Farm Bureau, Montana Outfitters and Guides (which land owner Chuck Rein is the Vice President of), a number of local landowners, including the Sweet Grass County Attorney Pat Dringman's wife, Page Carroccia Dringman to Senator Steve Daines.

Crazy Mountain Public Access Home Page

Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX) Letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue
requesting precluding the Forest Service from acquiring prescriptive easements and disavowing the Federal agency that manages our public trust lands and resources, from filing Statements of Interest for public access PDF

Montana Stockgrowers Association letter and resolutions to Custer Gallatin National Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson Dec. 30, 2016 concerning District Ranger Alex Sienkiewicz and Forest Service Policy

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Have you been in the Crazy Mountains?

If you have been in the Crazy Mountains...

  • perhaps you received a citation when you were on a FS Trail on their map;
  • perhaps you have been on one of these contested trail and you thankfully did not ask landowner permission or sign in and would like to add your account to the prescriptive easement history;
  • perhaps you would just like to share your story and/or some pictures of what these particular public lands and access mean to you?

If so, please contact Kathryn :



Crazy Mountain Public Access Page

Please contact the officials below

Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Washington, DC 20250 (202) 720-2791

Forest Service Chief, Thomas Tidwell, ttidwell@fs.fed.us (202) 205-8439

Region 1, Regional Forester Leanne Marten, lmarten@fs.fed.us (406) 329-3315

Custer Gallatin National Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson, mcerickson@fs.fed.us (406) 587-6949

Senator Steve Daines, steve@daines.senate.gov (202) 224-2651

Even though Sen. Tester was not evident in the letters, please contact him as well.
Sen. Jon Tester, senator@tester.senate.gov (202) 224-2644


















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